SES-Tech's road to a hundred ships
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Wuxi Silent Electric System (SES) Technology Co., Ltd., as a domestic innovative power system integrator and core equipment manufacturer, set up the first small goal: the road to 100 ships. In the Spring Festival of 2021, SES-Tech’s latest performance has achieved 57 real ship applications, with more than half of the journey on the road to 100 ships.

It was tough on the road to 100 ships, but we have never changed our original intention. The key equipment of each ship is domestically produced with independent intellectual property rights. 

These 57 ships come with both sweat and pride of SES-Tech’s engineers. Some important applications are listed as follows:

Ship 4: The SWATH type research vessel Shen Kuo , the first vessel equipped with common DC grid certified by CCS in China, creating a new chapter in China’s electric propulsion area. 

Ship 8: The river cruise vessel Victoria Sabrina, the first DC grid river cruise ship and the largest and also the most advanced five-star luxury river cruise ship in China.

Ship 11: The crew transfer vessel Xiongcheng Tianwei 1, China's first DC grid engineering vessel rated at 5 MW.

Ship 25, 37: The river cruise vessel Shicheng City Light and Shuangyong, the twin S-Hybrid river cruise ships employing hybrid technology operated in Huangpu River.

Ship 33, 34: The leisure fishing boats Jiqinyu 02991/02992 (2 ships), the domestic S-Hybrid-R series leisure fishing boat, which operates for more than 2 hours by battery power, creating the first fully silent dawn for Beidaihe.

Ship 3, 17, 18, 26, 28: The 6300 T chemical vessel Ocean Angel, the general cargo carriers Gaolan 001/002(2 ships), the cargo carrier Nanfeng 01 and the 6300 DWT chemical vessel Ocean Beryl, all equipped with domestic shaft generation systems creating value for customers to save oil.

Ship 7, 32, 38 : The offshore wind power working platform Huadian Wenqiang ,the offshore wind power working platform Hengtong Yihang and the working platform Offshore Wind Power 79.With mature and reliable products and better price and service, the domestic electric propulsion system guarantees the installation and operation of wind power. The maximum power of single ship electric propulsion can reach 8000 kW.

Ship 43: The passenger vessel Yangtze Three Gorges No. 1 , a battery-powered vessel with the world’s largest battery capacity (~7500 kWh), and carrying 1300 passengers. This vessel is owned and operated together by Yangtze River power Co., Ltd. and Yichang Transportation Co., Ltd. SES-Tech contributions to the protection of the Yangtze River.

Ship 41: 300 passenger cruise vessel the Century of Pearl River, with battery capacity of 2830 kWh. Pearl River,SES-Tech is ready.

Ship 30, 31: Fuxian Lake LNG experimental vessel and Dianchi Harmony cruise vessel, SES-Tech’s business expanded to Yunnan plateau lakes.

Ship 47, 48: The 15.8 m leisure fishing boats (40 ships), record-breaking delivery within 45days.

Ship 50, 51: The cruise vessel on Leshan Giant Buddha, SES-Tech participating in environmental protection  in Sichuan.

Ship 35, 36: 15000 DWT Oil Prod and Chem. Tanks (2 ships) equipped with the shaft hybrid power system with battery system (424 kWh). SES-Tech won the first order to deliver the  first domestic hybrid power system overseas.

At the same time, in all projects, SES-Tech adhere to the value of “be devoted, be excellent” and has received affirmation from customers on each ship and reputation in marine industry.

In 2021, SES-Tech will keep moving forward and achieve the first small goal. At the same time, we will not forget our original intention trying to deliver more cutting-edge products. We hope to help more and more customers enjoy the advanced technologies, and protect the environment by providing products with clean energy. We will continue with developing domestic equipment to demonstrate China’s technology progress.

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