4+4 ships overseas order! SES-Tech provides high-power shaft power generation system services for Norwegian shipowner GAC's 7000PCTC series vehicle carriers!
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Recently, CSSC Silent Electric System (Wuxi) Technology Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as "SES-Tech") S-Shaft belt power generation business opened a new situation, after the Swedish shiowner Terntank 3+1 wind auxiliary chemical tanker follow-up order, SES-Tech shaft power business in 2023 ushered in a new breakthrough in the overseas market. Recently, Sessionbillion successfully signed a supply order for 4+4 7000PCTC dual-fuel automobile carrier shaft power generation system with China Merchants Jinling Shipping (Weihai) Co., LTD. The series of ships were ordered by Global Auto Carriers AS ("GAC"), a new Norwegian ship owner company. This is the first overseas automobile carrier bulk order undertaken by SES-Tech, and it is also a key order for SES-Tech's high-power "through-shaft" shaft power generation system to break the industry monopoly at one stroke.

GAC is a new shipowner company led by Gram Car Carriers (GCC), the third largest PCTC shipping company in the world with extensive expertise covering the entire automotive trade and maritime market.GCC currently operates a fleet of 22 vessels, of which 18 are owned and four are operated on behalf of the GCC.
Designed by SDARI of Shanghai Shipbuilding Research and Design Institute and built by China Merchants Jinling Shipping (Weihai) Co., LTD., the ship has a total length of 199.9 meters, a width of 38.00 meters, a deck height of 36.58 meters, and can carry 7,000 cars at a time.It is equipped with the 1200kW high-power "through-shaft" shaft power generation system, which conforms to the development trend of low energy consumption and high environmental protection of ships in the world, can significantly reduce marginal fuel cost and greatly increase the market competitiveness of ships, and is the SES-Tech product of Cysbillion to strongly support the development of global green shipping.
As the first power integrator and core equipment manufacturer of domestic hybrid power system for export,SES-Tech has successfully delivered two 15,000 DWT chemical tanker projects in cooperation with Swedish ship owner Terntank in 2021, and the system has been stable for more than one year, bringing new data for ship energy conservation and environmental protection.Thanks to the superb technical level and service level, SES-Tech and Terntank completed the second in-depth cooperation in 2023, and signed a follow-up order for 3+1 wind-assisted chemical tanker.As the third batch order for overseas markets,GAC 7000PCTC dual-fuel vehicle carrier has been attached great importance by Cysbillion. In the future, SES-Tech will mobilize the best resources of the enterprise, fully cooperate with the shipyard and the ship owner, and complete the execution and delivery of the project with quality and quantity.

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