Provide shaft power generation services for Sweden Terntank 3+1 wind-assisted chemical tanker once again, SES-Tech's domestic and foreign shaft power generation applications have already surpassed 100 ships!
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Recently, CSSC Silent Electric System (Wuxi) Technology Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "SES-Tech") and China Merchants Jinling Dingheng Ship (Yangzhou) Co., Ltd. successfully signed a supply contract for 3+1 hybrid power system equipment, and then serve the Swedish shipowners Terntank!Terntank is a leading tanker operator in the North and Baltic Seas with a fleet of 10 ice enhanced vessels.

15000DWT chemical series ship length 147 meters, type width 22 meters, service speed 14.5 knots, endurance 6600 nautical miles, classification BV classification society,SES-Tech provides system design and production and manufacturing of the core DC busbar DC-LINK system for the hybrid power system, which is equipped with 424kWh battery, 1000kW permanent magnet through-shaft motor, variable frequency load drive, high-quality daily power supply, high voltage shore power access and EMS energy management system.The hybrid power system has PTO and PTH functions, which not only realizes the energy saving and environmental protection of the ship under multiple working conditions, but also improves the safety of the ship.

The vessel will use methanol engines, wind assisted propulsion, hybrid battery system and shore power to reduce carbon emissions, is a wind assisted chemical tanker using MGO/ biofuels and methanol, is a new vessel integrating several energy saving and clean technologies, the series of tankers is expected to be delivered in 2025.Terntank's previous six ships have already achieved 40 percent emissions reductions, and the wind assistance technology is expected to reduce emissions by up to 19 percent.

As the first power integrator and core equipment manufacturer of domestic hybrid power system to achieve export, in line with the development trend of low energy consumption and high environmental protection of the world's ships, SES-Tech has successfully expanded the shaft power generation market to overseas.In 2021, SES-Tech successfully provided hybrid power systems for two 15,000-ton dual-fuel chemical tankers of Terntank, a Swedish ship owner. Nearly two years after delivery, the hybrid power system operated normally, and the energy saving effect was remarkable, contributing to Terntank's 40% emission reduction.
At present, Terntank in the new 15,000DWT chemical ship project, and once again deep cooperation with SES-Tech, ushered in the chemical tanker hybrid power system batch order, but also ushered in SES-Tech shaft power generation performance of the "new hundred ship".From the cumulative application of all technical routes to more than 100 ships, to the single technical route of shaft power generation more than 100 ships, SES-Tech has come all the way to successfully become a mainstream supplier of high-power shaft power generation systems.In the future, SES-Tech will deepen its technology and bring more professional and reliable new solutions and new ideas for environmental protection and energy saving of hybrid power and shaft power generation to domestic and foreign customers!

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